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Why GAP Insurance is Important for Your New Car

When you buy a new car, you are probably not thinking about totaling your vehicle. The problem is, if you total a new car and you only have traditional insurance on your vehicle, you are only going to receive the fair-market value for your car from your insurance company. It doesn't matter if you owe more money on your car loan, you'll have to pay that on your own.

This is where GAP insurance coverage comes in.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, insurance is an additional insurance you can buy from Montrose Ford Lincoln or your insurance company to protect your asset in the event that you total your vehicle. You will be paid additional money beyond the far market value so that you aren't stuck with a car loan for a vehicle you no longer own.

To learn about GAP insurance, talk to Montrose Ford Lincoln to find out how to protect your new car.
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