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Tire Wear: The Bulge That Matters

Tires consist of a rubber synthetic material that provides a resilient and vibration absorbing surface that meets and grips the road. When this surface strikes against a hard edge, the resulting impact on the tire causes a tiny breakdown of the integrity of tire resilience and strength. Sometimes this can evolve into a bulge on the side of the tire or on the surface where the rubber meets the road.

If the bulge is on the road-meeting surface of the tire, you will feel it immediately. If the bulge is small, the vibration through the steering wheel is small but noticeable. Don’t worry, if you do not change the tire, the bulge will get larger and eventually you will lose control of your vehicle.

At Montrose Ford Lincoln in Alliance the tire technicians know what you need. Visit them when you feel any sudden vibrations from your tires.

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