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Why Tire Pressure is So Important

As important as it is to have good tires on your car, it’s equally important that you maintain the correct air pressure, also known as PSI or pounds per square inch. Having the right amount of tire pressure will ensure your vehicle gives you the best possible ride. Stop at Montrose Ford Lincoln and have our techs check out your tire pressure.

It can be just as harmful to your vehicle to drive on tires that are underinflated as it is to drive on tires that are overinflated. Improperly inflated tires can cause the tires to rub too much on side or the other, which can cause the tire to wear out unevenly and even cause erratic driving.

If your tires seem to be wearing unevenly or seem to be constantly losing pressure, we’ll be happy to check them out for you. Stop in at our Alliance, OH service center today or give us a call.

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